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A road movie is a film genre in which the main characters leave home on a road trip, typically altering the perspective from their everyday lives.[1]


The genre has its roots in spoken and written tales of epic journeys, such as the Odyssey and the Aeneid. The road film is a standard plot employed by screenwriters. It is a type of bildungsroman, a story in which the hero changes, grows or improves over the course of the story. It focuses more on the journey rather than the goal.

The on-the-road plot was used at the birth of American cinema but blossomed in the years after World War II, reflecting a boom in automobile production and the growth of youth culture. Even so, awareness of the "road picture" as a genre came only in the 1960s with Bonnie and Clyde[citation needed] and Easy Rider.[2]

Movies of this genre[edit]

Note, that the Country column is the country of origin and/or financing, and does not necessarily represent the country or countries depicted in each film.

A Perfect World1993 United States
Adventures in Babysitting1987 United States
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert1994 Australia
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip2015 United States
Alice in the Cities1974 West Germany
Ameerika Suvi (American Summer)2016 Estonia
Are We There Yet?2005 United States,  Canada
As Good as it Gets1997 United States
As Crazy as It Gets2015 Nigeria
Badlands1973 United States
Beavis and Butt-head Do America1996 United States
The Blues Brothers (film)1980

 United States

Bonnie and Clyde1967 United States
Boys on the Side1995 United States
The Bucket List2007 United States
Burn Burn Burn2015 United Kingdom
Cactus2008 Australia
Charlie2015 India
Cop Car2015 United States
Children Who Chase Lost Voices2011 Japan
Come as You Are (aka Hasta la Vista)2011 Belgium
Coupe de Ville1990 United States
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul2017 Czech Republic
Dhanak2016 India
Dirty Girl2010 United States
Due Date2010 United States
Duel1971 United States
Dumb and Dumber1994 United States
Dumb and Dumber To2014 United States
Easy Rider1969 United States
Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show2009 United States,  Canada
EuroTrip2004 United States,  Czech Republic
Eyjafjallajökull2013 France
Fanboys2009 United States
Fandango1985 United States
Get on the Bus1996 United States
God Bless America2011 United States
Goin' Down the Road1970 Canada
Goodbye Pork Pie1981 New Zealand
A Goofy Movie1995 United States
Grave of the Fireflies1988 Japan
The Fundamentals of Caring2016 United States
The Guilt Trip2012 United States
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle2004 United States
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 12010 United Kingdom,  United States
Have Dreams, Will Travel2007 United States
The Hitcher1986 United States
Ice Age2002 United States
Il Sorpasso1962 Italy
Interstate 602002 United States,  Canada
Into the Night1985 United States
Kanni Thaai1965 India
Karachi se Lahore2015 Pakistan
Kings of the Road1976 West Germany
Kingpin1996 United States
Knockin' on Heaven's Door1997 Germany
Lahore Se Aagey2016 Pakistan
The Last Detail1973 United States
Leningrad Cowboys Go America1989 Finland,  Sweden
Little Miss Sunshine2006 United States
Loev2015 India
Magic Trip2011 United States
M Cream2014 India
Mad Max1979 Australia
Mad Max 21981 Australia
Mad Max: Fury Road2015 Australia,  United States
Madeline: Lost in Paris1999 United States
Midnight Run1988 United States
Midnight Special2016 United States
Motorama1991 United States
The Motorcycle Diaries2004 Argentina, United States, Chile, Peru, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France
Mourning[:w:fr] (aka Soog or Soug, سوگ)2011 Iran
The Muppet Movie1979 United States,  United Kingdom
My Own Private Idaho1991 United States
Natural Born Killers1994 United States
National Lampoon's Vacation1983 United States
National Lampoon's European Vacation1985 United States
Nebraska2013 United States
Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi2013 India
Gamyam2008 India
O Brother, Where Art Thou?2000 United States,  United Kingdom,  France
On the Road2012 United States,  United Kingdom,  France,  Brazil,  Canada
Paper Towns2015 United States
Paper Moon1973 United States
The Parade2011 Serbia
Paris, Texas1984 West Germany,  France
Pee-wee's Big Adventure1985 United States
Pee-wee's Big Holiday2016 United States
Pierrot le Fou1965 France
Piku2015 India
Planes, Trains and Automobiles1987 United States
The Rugrats Movie1998 United States
Rugrats in Paris: The Movie2000 United States,  Germany
Rain Man1988 United States
Road, Movie2009 India
Road to Yesterday2015 Nigeria
Road Trip2000 United States
Road to Morocco1942 United States
RV2006 United States
Sideways2004 United States
Smoke Signals1998 United States,  Canada
Smokey and the Bandit1977 United States
The Spongebob SquarePants Movie2004 United States
The Sugarland Express1974 United States
Taxi Driver: Oko Ashewo2015 Nigeria
The Straight Story1999 United States,  United Kingdom,  France
The Sure Thing1985 United States
The Cannonball Run1981 United States
The Croods2013 United States
Thelma & Louise1991 United States
Three for the Road1987 United States
Transamerica2005 United States
To Grandmother's House We Go1992 United States
The Little Bear Movie2001 Canada,  United States
Y Tu Mamá También2001 Mexico
Two-Lane Blacktop1971 

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American nightmare[videorecording]
Knife-weilding murderers, buxom teens fleeing for their lives, the undead limping across streets. These images are synonymous with horror movies. Go behind-the-scenes with filmmaker greats as they reveal their inspirations for some of the most disturbingly gruesome films that have emerged on screen. Includes excerpts from classic horror films. 2000. 71 min. Media Resources Center: DVD 2417

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The American nightmare [videorecording]
Knife-weilding murderers, buxom teens fleeing for their lives, the undead limping across streets. These images are synonymous with horror movies. Go behind-the-scenes with filmmaker greats as they reveal their inspirations for some of the most disturbingly gruesome films that have emerged on screen. Includes excerpts from classic horror films. DVD 2417

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This fascinating study relates horror film to recent interpretations of the body and the self, drawing from feminist film theory, psychoanalytic theory, cultural criticism and gender studies. Applying the term "horror" broadly, this work includes discussions of black comedy, thrillers, science fiction, and slasher films. Central to this book is the view of horror as a modern iconography and "discourse" of the body. Badley's thought-provoking analysis of films by directors Tim Burton, Tobe Hooper, George Romero, Ridley Scott, Brian De Palma, David Lynch, David Cronenberg, Jonathan Demme, and Clive Barker, will be of interest to both scholars and students. [publisher description]

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Table of contents

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Also in:
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Contents: Introduction / Robert G. Weiner and John Cline -- Realism(s). The neorealist transgressions of Pier Paolo Pasolini / Bill Landis -- From Chicago to Watts by way of Paris and Hollywood: art-film influence on Melvin Van Peebles' early features / Jonathan Hartmann -- At the heart of The heart of the world: Guy Maddin in the 21st century / John Bloomfield -- Italian Horror/Gialli. Menopausal monsters and sexual transgression in Argento's art horror / Donna de Ville -- The more you rape their senses, the happier they are: a history of Cannibal holocaust / Andy DeVos -- A postcard from the grindhouse: exotic landscapes and Italian holidays in Lucio Fulci's Zombie and Sergio Martino's Torso / Stefano Baschiera and Francesco Di Chiara -- Body in a bed, body growing dead: uncanny women in Joe D'Amato's Italian exploitation cinema / Xavier Mendik -- New York state of mind. Bernie's "deathwish": history and transgression in New York City / John Cline -- Troma entertainment: the boobs, blood, and brains of reel independence / Rebekah McKendry -- Exploitation films and success: the half-told melodramas of Andy Milligan / Kevin John Bozelka -- Extreme European cinema. B is for bile, blood and bones: on corporeal bodies in the films of Peter Greenaway / Eric Levy -- The films of the Vienna Action Group / Stephen Barber -- Reveries of blood and sand: the cinema of Jean Rollin / Gerard Dapena -- A shadow poet: Michael Haneke / David Sterritt -- Culture at the margins. Through the looking glass darkly: considering theories of Nazi film and concepts of transgression / Lynne Fallwell -- Christian scare films: the unlikely pairing of director Ron Ormond and preacher Estus Pirkle / Jim Ridley -- Stray cat rock: the politics of Nikkatsu's "bad youth" movies of 1970s / David Hopkins -- Contemporary film. Flirting with subversion: mainstream filmmaking, transgression, and the case of Joel Schumacher's 8MM / Steffen Hantke -- Hated: GG Allin & the Murder junkies, Scum rock, and the unlikely career of Todd Phillips / Johannes Schonherr -- Cinema of regression: Grindhouse and the limits of the spectatorial imaginary / David Lerner.

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Table of contents

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Contents via Google books">Contents via Google books

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Contents: Horror, tragedy, and pleasure. The general theory of horrific appeal / Noel Carroll -- The mastery of Hannibal Lecter / Daniel Shaw -- The lived nightmare: trauma, anxiety, and the ethical aesthetics of horror / Elizabeth Cowie -- Aristotelian reflections on horror and tragedy in An American werewolf in London and The sixth sense / Angela Curran -- Horror's philosopher-auteurs. Heidegger, the uncanny, and Jacques Tourneur's horror films / Curtis Bowman -- Hitchcock made only one horror film: matters of time, space, causality, and the Schopenhauerian will / Ken Mogg -- What you can't see can hurt you: of invisible and hollow men / J.P. Telotte -- Philosophical (horror) investigations. On the question of the horror film / Michael Grant -- An event-based definition of art-horror / Matt Hills -- Haunting the house from within: disbelief, mitigation, and spatial experience / Aaron Smuts -- Murder as art/the art of murder: aestheticizing violence in modern cinematic horror / Steven Jay Schneider -- Horror and reality. The slasher's blood lust / Cynthia A. Freeland -- American psycho: horror, satire, aesthetics, and identification / Deborah Knight and George McKnight -- Real horror / Robert C. Solomon (with reply from Daniel Shaw).

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Table of contents

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Full-text available online (UC Berkeley users only)
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Contents: Herman Cohen on Lon Chaney, Jr. -- Mike Connors -- Susan Douglas on Five -- Arnold Drake on The flesh eaters -- Robert M. Fresco -- Alex Gordon on The atomic submarine -- Brett Halsey -- John Hart -- David Hedison on Voyage to the bottom of the sea -- Russ Jones on Dr. Terror's gallery of horrors -- Richard Kiel on Eegah -- Kay Linaker on Tod Browning and James Whale -- Teala Loring -- Robert Nichols -- Ted Post on Bela Lugosi -- William Self -- Natalie Trundy -- Martin Varno on Night of the blood beast -- Beverly Washburn -- William Wellman, Jr.

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Contents: Shapeshifting Dracula : the abridged edition of 1901 / Elizabeth Miller -- Bram Stoker and Irish Gothic / Raymond T. McNally -- Dracula's reflection : The jewel of seven stars / Katie Harse -- "Appalling in its gloomy fascination" : Stoker's Dracula and Wilde's Salome / William Pencak -- Stoker's Dracula : a neo-Gothic experiment / Scott Vander Ploeg -- Men in love : the fantasizing of Bram Stoker and Edvard Munch / Suzanna Nyberg -- Bela Lugosi's dead, but vampire music stalks the airwaves / Tony Fonseca -- Policing Eddie Murphy : the unstable black body in Vampire in Brooklyn / Leslie Tannenbaum -- Resurrection in Britain : Christopher Lee and Hammer Draculas / James Craig Holte -- I, Strahd : narrative voice and variations on a non-player character in TSR's "Ravenloft" universe / Margaret Carter -- The mother goddess in H. Rider Haggard's She and Anne Rice's The queen of the damned / Bette Roberts -- Blood spirit/blood bodies : the viral in the vampire chronicles of Anne Rice and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro / Heidi L. Nordberg -- Kelene : the face in the mirror / Stephanie Moss -- The construction of the vampire in Yarbro's Hotel Transylvania / Sharon A. Russell -- Deadly kisses : vampirism, colonialism, and the gendering of horror / Teri Ann Doerksen -- "A girl like that will give you AIDS!" : vampirism as AIDS metaphor in Killing Zoe / Jeane Rose.

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