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Here is a process that may help you think more methodically and creatively (which actually is a paradox) when you are writing a rhetorical analysis essay.  Here are the two most important elements in a nutshell:

  • Precis (a fancy SOAPSTone) as your introductory paragaph
  • Body of your essay is all about What the writer has said, Howthe writer said it, and Why the author said it the way he/she did for his/her purpose.

  You will receive a Packet Test #2 with several rhetorical analysis essay prompts. We will be using these to practice successful analysis essays. So open the following handout and practice finding and analyzing the rhetorical elements of these essay prompts.  Steps-in-Rhetorical-Analysis-Essay-Writing

Practice Essays: Cary’s ” article about the Provincial Freeman  in Packet #2
                            Letters for  “Cocoa Cola”  In Packet #1
                            Alfred M. Green’s Speech on African Americans   
                           Florida’s Okefenokee Swamp    1999 Florida’s swamp essay
                               Student Responses         1999 Flordia’s Swamp Student Responses

Want to read one more good student response?  Go to the first sample. It’s received an 8 score.  Notice how the student writes the precis and then moves through the essay paragraphs explaining the author’s ideas and feelings, not forgetting to insert examples and comment on how the author uses rhetorical devices in order to make her feelings about North Dakota clear and meaningful.     2010 student response for rhetorical analysis question 2 form B

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AP Test Final  Vocabulary

Quizzes will be the first day of each week.  You need to know definitions, spellings, and one example (assigned below).  All words are defined in the first vocabulary packet I gave, “Glossary of Literary Terms”

Set 1 :  adage, maxim, anaphora, asyndeton ( example), ad hontineni argument, analogy, antithesis

Set 2 : chiasmus (example), colloquialism, complex sentence, bathos, compound sentence, motif, parallel structure

Set 3 : cumulative sentence, deductive reasoning (example), didactic, epigraph, epiphany, paradox, oxymoron

Set 4 : epitaph, euphemism, expletive, genre, homily,metonymy, synecdoche (example)

Set 5 : hypothetical question, idiom (example), implication, invective, jargon,litoes, periodic sentence

Set 6 : non sequitur, parody, pedantic, polsyndeton , satire, sarcasm, understatement (example)

Set 7 : syllepsis, syllogism, tautology (example), solecism, vernacular, tone,  usage, spatial organization

Roots for Core Test May 13 and 17

You will be explected to know the roots meaning and to give an example word using the roots.  This quiz will be on May 9.  Memorize! 

cracy: government

demo: people

dia: across

dom: rule

dyna: power

fid: faith

form: shape

ject: to throw

lent: full of

liber: free

phile: love

photo: light

pulse: drive

spir: breathe

sym: together

tract: to pull

trib: to pay

vita: life

vore: eat greedily

ad: to

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