Business Plan Reflection Essay

Writing a business plan and composing an essay on a business plan are two significantly diverse endeavors. The issue is further complicated by the demand to make the paper reflective. Here are suggestions that will help you produce a captivating paper on business plans.

  • Understand Your Topic
  • It is impossible to write about a topic that is unclear to you. Find a standard definition of a business plan. This will enable you to identify the approach you will give to your topic. Some of the options include the importance of a plan for the success of any business, what makes a good plan, the components of a good plan, etc. Such ideas can only be explored with full knowledge of what a business plan is.

  • Plan Your Work
  • Allocate sufficient time to complete your work. The schedule should consider hours that you are tired, constantly distracted or when other activities are competing for your attention. Gather all the materials and resources you will require to complete the work. The completion date should leave an allowance in case of an emergency.

  • Consult
  • Some issues are unclear despite your tutor providing detailed instructions. Do not hesitate to consult your tutor, classmates, seniors, relatives and others within your network who can help you with the work. This will shield you from wasting time on an assignment you do not understand.

  • Use Templates and Examples
  • Templates provide a frame for you to fill in details. This allows you to concentrate on the content instead of worrying about the structure. It makes your work easier by providing a guide. Examples on the other hand provide a view of how your essay will appear once it is completed. Ensure that you get your templates and examples from reliable sources. Do not copy any information provided on the template or the example. Technology allows your teacher to detect copied areas leading to plagiarism accusations. You risk discontinuation for such crimes.

  • Remember To Edit
  • Editing and proofreading are mandatory steps in producing any good paper. They help you to get rid of typographical, grammatical and other errors that might plague your work. Errors will dilute even the best arguments.

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    Running a business is a demanding and never-ending process of constant modernization and development. Looking back, many of today's prosperous entrepreneurs would be glad to tell newcomers how they started their companies and, moreover, how they created a plan for a project of their own. When a newcomer wants to create an own company, the first thing he or she may need after good brainwork is a business plan for start up.

    This is a type of written assignment where a project developer needs to describe the main points of the future project with respect to its goals, strengths, and weaknesses, optimization ways, work scheme, sales plan, location, funds and amount of investments involved. Such plans may be of different forms and number of pages, and the type depends on what its developer wants from his or her project. Therefore, before creating a business plan for a startup, think carefully about every detail you are to include into it.

    Business plans are also written to inform company’s future partners, investors or co-founders about the general and primary objectives of such enterprise-to-be. In several pages, a person has to describe how he or she envisions the company, its potential and possibilities, difficulties to overcome and the manner of development.

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    When a person wants to create the own firm, the first thing he needs to do is to think whether he is ready to undertake such a responsibility and control the company’s development from its early stage. If all is standing, it is high time to start writing a plan, or rather a summary, which constitutes an integral part of every strategy, especially if you seek potential investors or partners to assist you.

    Of course, you are welcome to use some professional templates when you write a business plan for a start-up and substitute the inserted data with your personal information, but it is always better to create a unique project and think through the idea to make it attractive. One of the major things to consider is that it should be detailed and precise, with real data and figures. Whether it is a project for a restaurant, for a distillery, for a bar, or for a T-shirt company, it is crucial to think over every aspect of a company that you will manage.

    When tailoring an outline, a location of the head office should also be taken into consideration, especially if it is a public place and many visitors are vital to the good standing of the company. The head office environment is also important, as customers will hardly visit places that they consider dangerous or unpleasant.

    A successful entrepreneur has to take specialists that are to be hired into consideration even at the initial stage as some of them may assist in outlining and carrying out the marketing research to take into account all possible drawbacks.

    As with any new startup project, it also has to bear a new bright idea, something that will attract clients and bring success to the company.

    The next thing to elaborate is a bright and interesting presentation. At the final stage, the presentation has to retell briefly everything that might be said by you. People who will see the presentation will need to see figures and data with their own eyes to make them believe in the startup as much as you do.

    Making sure that your project is unique by avoiding copying the presentations available on the Internet will definitely complement to your winning strategy. Thus, Pro-Papers would like to provide you with some universal tips that can help you improve the presentation while keeping it exclusive:

    1. Make sure to gather the information about your competitors so that you will be ready to name them and present the advantages of your company in comparison to their products or services;
    2. In the case of any project, it is utterly important to know your future audience. Therefore, in order to ensure the success and understandability of your presentation, it would be useful to create several different examples for different audiences (e.g. the one for bankers and the other one for individual investors);
    3. Keep in mind that it is very important to state the reasonable deadlines and realistic amount of the available resources. Even if you feel overwhelmingly optimistic about the future earnings of your company, you can never predict all the possible changes of circumstances. So, while making your presentation impressive, do not forget to keep it realistic and achievable.
    4. If you contrived an exciting statement but do not know how to support it, it would be better not to mention this matter at all. Every information you present should be definitely supported by the relevant facts or statistics because empty statements will not only ruin the trust of your audience but also put the future success of your company under the question.
    5. Strive to make your presentation informative, but not too long. It is very difficult to include all the important information and not to overload the project, so it will be much better to shorten the data reasonably. Rest assured that if your audience wants to know more, they will simply ask to provide additional details.


    Creating a business plan for small business start-up may turn out to be difficult. A person may be an excellent entrepreneur and a good tactician, but a poor writer, and it is absolutely normal.

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