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What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is an online learning tool that allows learning a variety of topics through games, flashcards, tests and many other ways. Being one of the best study websites it is suitable for different learners age groups and helps learners master the material faster and more efficiently.The tool was created in 2005 by Andrew Sutherland, who had difficulties in studying French vocabulary and created a tool that helped him. It was appreciated by many friends of his and soon it was used by hundreds of other users. Initially, the tool shared both staff and money with the Collectors Weekly, but today it is supported by 4 different ventures. In 2012, the tool received apps for iOS and Android while in 2016 a completely new interface both of the web app and mobile apps were created.The numbers connected with Quizlet are really impressive. Today a website has over 20 million regular monthly learners the bigger number of which are K-12 pupils who use over 150 million study sets. The website belongs to 50 most popular American websites and is considered one of the fastest growing educational sites in the USA. Its most renowned competitors are Udacity, Khan Academy, Udemy, Wolfram Alpha though the way these websites present information is completely different.Quizlet is a very exciting and funny way to deepen your knowledge of the subject. The website offers three main features suggested to learners:

  1. Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live is a useful tool for collaboration. It was created for teachers and small group members, who can improve their knowledge of the subject simultaneously. A teacher can choose the subject, topic or create his own set of vocabulary to learn and invite students to work on it. The procedure takes several steps:

  • A choice of the set;
  • Sharing the code with group members;
  • Students can work in teams that sit together and play.

The feature enhances the ability to work in teams and collaborate as only by doing so they can find a proper definition. The tool also praises accuracy over speed as the wrong answer takes all team members to the beginning.

  1. Quizlet Learn

Quizlet Learn is a tool that encourages teachers and students to create their own sets of material for mastering and practice. It allows setting the volume of the material as well as the deadline to learn everything and the tool will create your personal study plan and send you regular reminders for you to finish the learning process timely. The tool is powered by the Learning Assistant Platform that has an improved algorithm for combining data with learning techniques for better efficiency.

  1. Quizlet app

Quizlet offers mobile versions of the tool both for Android and iOS. They are free and offer study-on-the-go, seamless syncing and study offline features. The website is also responsive and works on most of the devices and browsers.There are 6 basic ways to study material on Quizlet. As soon as you create your own set, you can memorize it using the following modes:

  • Cards: users are shown Quizlet flashcards with one term clicking on which you can see its definition;
  • Learn: users should fill in the blanks with a correct answer;
  • Speller: students should write down the word they hear;
  • Test: assessment mode that includes several question types such as writing, matching, true or false statements and multiple choice;
  • Scatter: a game that offers users to drag items on each other correspondingly;
  • Gravity: a game that offers to type a definition before the word disappears.

The first step each user has to make is signing up for an account. Only then you can start creating your own set or find a suitable set among the existing ones. You can create the language of the set and translation too. When you add all the words, it is time to name the set and set the privacy level. Then you can start training choosing a suitable mode.

When you finish training, you can pass a test using several modes. A website version is more extended than a mobile one as here you can choose an automatic detection of translation, opt for a virtual keyboard or create your own classes.

Teachers are offered to create groups and teach students to collaborate as well as track their progress.Quizlet is absolutely free for users. At the same time, the website offers optional upgrades where you can try more advanced features.

Quizlet Plus is a package for students that costs $19.99 annually. When you opt for the package you receive:

  • Possibility to upload images;
  • Removal of all the advertisements;
  • Receipt of reminders on time.

Quizlet Teachers is another paid package aimed at teaching staff. Its annual cost is $34.99 and its users can opt for:

  • Uploading images;
  • Recording audio using the Voice Recorder;
  • Study sets without advertisements;
  • Follow students’ progress etc.

Quizlet is a very popular learning tool that offers a number of benefits:

  1. Interesting training modes including games and assessment tests.
  2. Possibility to track the progress following the statistics data.
  3. A user-friendly and intuitively understandable interface.
  4. The study tools work offline.
  5. Opportunity to learn words even without registration.
  6. It is simple, funny and exciting.
  7. Helpful for teachers of different disciplines: classroom management and organization.
  8. Possibility to study on your own without adult assistance.
  9. Free of charge.
  10. Support of 17 languages including English, Russian, French, Spanish, and many others.
  11. It can be used for flashcard creation and printing in particular so it eases teacher’s work.

Of course, every tool can be improved and having analyzed Quizlet features that seem weak, there is a list of necessary enhancements to perform:

  1. Lack of some features characteristic of the nearest competitors (pronunciation, voice recognition etc.).
  2. Not all the functions available on the website are present in the app.
  3. Some flashcards added by other users have mistakes.
  4. The ownership of products is not supported.

Quizlet can be called a studying revelation as it combines education with fun and competition. It is a great tool to be used at schools, especially for test preparation. Learning with Quizlet can be both productive and interesting so it’s popularity is not surprising at all.

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Essay Terms

A piece of writing that gives your thoughts a subject.
The first paragraph in an essay. It includes the thesis at the end.
A middle paragraph in an essay.
The last paragraph in your essay.
A sentence with a subject and opinion. This is the last sentence in your introduction.
The process of getting your concrete details down on paper.
Specific details that form the backbone of your body paragraph. Synonyms are facts, examples, support of evidence.
Your opinion or comment about something. NOT concrete detail. Synonyms are opinion, insight, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, explication
The first sentence in a body paragraph.
The last sentence in a body paragraph. It is all commentary.
The step that is done after pre-writing and before the first draft of an essay.
The first version of your essay.
The final version of your essay.
Written responses to a partner's paper.
One sentence of concrete detail and two sentences of commentary.
Blending concrete detail with commentary in a body paragraph.
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The minimum length per paragraph to earn a "C".

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