Ymtkfas Homework Assignments

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Yaumati Kaifong Association School
Yau Tsim Mong   POA : 31 
Print School Info.
Address:80 Public Square Street, Yaumatei, Kowloon
Phone:  23888327  Email:  ymtkfas@eservices.hkedcity.net
Fax:  27830854  Website:  http://www.ymtkfas.edu.hk

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School Information
Supervisor/ Chairman of Management Committee : Mr. Yeung Tsz Hei
School Head : Cheung Yee May Mimi
Has the Incorporated Management Committee been established? : Yes
School Type : Aided
Whole Day
Student Gender : Co-ed
Sponsoring Body : Yaumati Kaifong Welfare Advancement Association Ltd.
Religion : Not Applicable
Year of Commencement of Operation : 1968
School Motto : Honesty and Honor
School Size : About 2484 Sq. M
Through-train Secondary School : -
Feeder Secondary School : -
Nominated Secondary School : -
Medium of Instruction : English
School Bus Service : Nanny van
Parent-Teacher Association : Yes
Old Students' Association/ School Alumni Association : No
2017/2018 Annual School Charges
School Fee : -
Tong Fai :


PTA Fee : $100
Approved Charges for Specific Purposes : -
Other Charges : -
School Facilities
Number of Classroom : 12
Number of School Hall : 1
Number of Playground : 1
Number of Library : 1
Special Rooms : Computer Room, Music Room, Language Room, Visual Art Room, Counselling Room, Conference Room, Resource Room.
Facility Support for Students with Special Educational Needs : Accessible lift.
Others : Visualizers and projectors are installed in each classroom and special room.
Teaching Staff Information (Including School Head) in the 2016/17 school year
Number of teachers in the approved establishment : 24.0
Total number of teachers in the school : 29
Qualifications and professional training (%)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : 100%
Bachelor Degree : 100%
Master/ Doctorate Degree or above : 37%
Special Education Training : 30%
Work Experience (%)
0 - 4 years : 11%
5 - 9 years : 7%
10 years or above : 82%
Class Structure
2016/17 School Year
P1 Number of classes : 2
P2 Number of classes : 2
P3 Number of classes : 2
P4 Number of classes : 2
P5 Number of classes : 2
P6 Number of classes : 2
Total : 12
2017/18 School Year (Based on the approval of EDB in 2017)
P1 Number of classes : 2
P2 Number of classes : 2
P3 Number of classes : 2
P4 Number of classes : 2
P5 Number of classes : 2
P6 Number of classes : 2
Total : 12
Mode of teaching at different levels
Our school employs the Activity Approach in our lessons, as well as various excursions for an all rounded learning for the students. Learning support are also provided for students with needs in English, Chinese and Mathematics from primary one to six.
Performance Assessment
Number of Test per year : 1
Number of Exam per year : 3
Streaming arrangement : Class by average abilities
Diversified Assessment for Learning : We assess students performance through analyzing their results from diversified sources, such as results from examinations, tests, projects, music, visual arts and physical training, etc. We ensure that students are assessed holistically, in both academic and other areas.
School Life
Number of School Days per week : 5
Number of periods per day : 8
Duration of each normal period : 35
School starts at : 08:15 AM
School ends at : 03:15 PM
Lunch time : 12:45 - 13:15
Lunch arrangement : Provided by designated supplier and Prepared by parents.
Healthy school life : Participate in '2017 Joyful Fruit Month' and 'Sport ACT Award Scheme'.
Remarks : Two activity-lessons per week, as well as class teachers' lesson, reading lesson and personal growth education.
Life-wide Learning Activities
Cub Scout, Hong Kong Community Youth Club, Football Team, Basketball Team, Cricket, Taekwondo, Lion Dance, Cultural Dance, Chinese Dance, Nepalese Dance, Indian Dance, Recorder Team, Choir, Show Choir, Percussion team, Violin, Reading, Putonghua, Computing, Handcraft, Rope Skipping.
School Mission
To provide education for students from all walks of life and of different races and tailor teaching to their diverse needs so that their talents and potential can be developed. The school motto is based on virtues of honesty and honor. Students are groomed to conform to these virtues as the basis for their personal development in the future.
School Characteristics
School Management
School Management Organisation : Management / Working Committees consists of a principal and a Vice-principal, supervising the following departments: The Curriculum Department, Discipline & Guidance Department, Academic Affairs Department, General Services Department, Extra-curricular activity Department, Student Health & Dental / School Bus Department, Library, Learning Support Department, Student Welfare Department and Information Technology Department.
They commit to work closely for the school development and students' learning.
Incorporated Management Committee / School Management Committee/ Management Committee : The Incorporated Management Committee consists of the following members: One Supervisor, six Managers, two Independent Managers, one Teacher Manager, one Alternate Teacher Manager and one Alternate Parent Manager. They work closely with one another to promote school development.
School Green Policy : We have implemented measures to conserve energy in the school. We have a gardening team which undertakes different weekly activities to promote conservation of the natural environment.
School's Major Concerns : We encourage students to become self learners.
We have been promoting a spirit of unity and harmony in school. We expect students to respect one another, be supportive and accept differences in others' cultural and religious backgrounds.
Learning and Teaching Plan
Learning & Teaching Strategies : English is used as the main medium of instruction, with reference to our students' learning needs and in line with EDB curriculum aims and objectives, we will use our lesson time flexibly, to provide students with different kinds of learning experiences, which will help them to learn effectively and efficiently.
Development of Key Tasks : 1. Reading to learn: Library lessons, Chinese and English Extensive Reading Programmes have been implemented to help students acquire life-long skills which encourage them to read.
2. IT in Education: We have been up-grading our IT facilities and implementing an e-class platform in order to develop our students' abilities in self-learning via IT.
3. Project Learning: Project learning has been implemented in General Studies to develop students' generic skills.
4. Moral and Civic education: Various kinds of thematic activities have been implemented in lessons which develop students' positive attitude.
Development of Generic Skills : The nine generic skills are cultivated in all subjects through co-operative group learning, project learning and all-round learning experience.
Student Support
Whole School Approach to Cater for Student Diversity : Inclusive education: We try our best to help students with lesser ability or problems with adaptation into the mainstream classroom learning. We have tutorial classes which involve our students as peer tutors. We believe students' willingness to learn is greatly affected by their peers.
Curriculum Tailoring and Adaptation : Our school curriculum is structured to provide a broad-based and balanced curriculum for students to attain all-round development according to their own attributes. We put emphasis on the full development of students' moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic potential. The school endeavours to achieve these goals by providing a lively and enjoyable learning environment. (http://www.ymtkfas.edu.hk/curriculum.html).
Home-school Co-operation and School Ethos
Home-School Co-operation : PTA Executive Committee consists of a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Welfare and Activities Coordinator and a Liaison Officer. It is a very important committee which takes the role of bridging school and parents together. Through years, we have established a very strong bond with parents. We have meetings with parents, gathering their valuable opinions about school development and a PTA picnic arranged each year.
School Ethos : We share a cordial and harmonious relationship with students. Adding to this, we have established a Parent-teacher Association which acts as a bridge between school and parents. We hold meeting regularly with parents from different ethnic backgrounds, establishing a channel to understand their needs and concerns.
Future Development
School Development Plan : 1. Using iPad to facilitate students' learning and teachers' teaching respectively;
2. Extending students' ability of reading to learn;
3. Enhancing classroom management strategies through more positive classroom language and reward system.
Teacher Professional Training & Development : We arrange our teachers to attend workshops and seminars that are related to their fields of teaching and interest. We also invite speakers to hold seminars in our school for the purpose of enhancing teachers' development.
Fee Remission Scheme : Not Applicable.
Others : -
School Map

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