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Students will analyze a movie similar to analyzing of a print text. Includes movie analysis worksheet for taking notes during the movie—can be a stand-alone activity for studying literary devices in a movie as well as part of the process of the literary essay. Literary essay student printable includes rubric. Prewriting worksheet and MEAL Plan paragraph template also included to guide writing process. Great way to include movies with meaningful analysis.

• Teacher Notes on movie literary essay (with movie ideas)
• Movie Analysis Worksheet: table of literary devices to study in the movie. Can be a stand-alone activity or use as note-taking step for literary analysis essay
• Movie Literary Analysis Essay with rubric: with guidance on choosing a literary essay topic for the movie
• Movie Literary Analysis Essay with rubric: for teacher-selected essay topic based on movie
• Movie Literary Analysis Essay Planning Worksheet
• MEAL Plan for Paragraph Writing Notes: Teacher notes about the MEAL Plan for Paragraph Writing template and process. The MEAL Plan is designed for use with high school level writing, allowing for one or more sentences for each prompt
• MEAL Plan for Paragraph Template: students can write directly on the model, filling in the blanks with the information as prompted. Alternately, it can be provided as a guide.
• Quick Guide to Literary Essays: reference sheet to hand out to students to remind them of the important elements of a literary essay.
• Helps Meet Common Core: standards this activity can help a teacher to cover

This item is a single file PDF.

This essay also works well with the 5 Paragraph Essay format and the 5 Paragraph Essay Model

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