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James Smith
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Ms Annabel Jones

HR Manager
Legal Matters Associates
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Dear Ms Jones

Re: Graduate Program, Legal Matters Associates

Please accept this letter, and the accompanying resume and academic transcript as application for the graduate program advertised on your website.

I graduated in 2007 with a Commerce/Law degree from the University of Mountainville and have legal experience gained working as a volunteer and as a summer clerk.

I recently completed a summer clerkship in the property and corporate division of The Lawyers Firm. In each division, I assisted senior associates and junior lawyers in the running of files for major private sector and government clients. This experience developed my research, drafting and analytical skills, as well as my knowledge of relevant property and contract law. It gave me the opportunity to work autonomously on smaller matters and as part of a team on more complex files. During the three months of my clerkship, I was able to foster successful working relationships with colleagues and the firm's clients.

My practical legal skills have also developed as a result of my work as a volunteer at the Matthew Legal Centre. Working one evening each week since March 2004, I interview clients, draft legal documents, manage multiple files and prepare briefs for counsel. In addition to increasing my understanding of the legal problems that affect ordinary people, in the areas of consumer credit, tenancy and criminal law, my experience at the centre developed my attention to detail and understanding of a client's problem before attempting to provide a legal opinion and strategy for resolution.

I have excellent oral and written communication skills. I was captain of the successful mooting team at university, have contributed articles to university newspapers and presented workshops to clients on understanding their legal rights at the Matthew Legal Centre. I was President of the university law society in 2006, Community Ambassador for the Kids off the Street Project in 2005 and I was awarded the University Medal for achieving the highest result for the subject Real Property Law for 2006.

I am interested in a legal career at Legal Matters Associates because of the firm's reputation for providing high quality legal advice, its diverse blue chip client base and its commitment to service. I would love to be part of an innovative and growing firm that values initiative and hard work.

My resume and an official transcript of my academic results are enclosed. I look forward to being able to discuss the graduate lawyer program further at an interview.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

James Smith

Law Job Seeking Tips

Companies want a candidate who is more than the right fit. They want a candidate ho fits like a glove. Your cover letter is key to showing your strengths and value for jobs in Law. Enhance your cover letter with the following tips.
1. Tell your story through numbers. Percentages, dollar amounts and other figures add concrete details to your accomplishments. For example, state the sales amount you brought in or describe the percentage growth of subscribers to your e-mail marketing campaign.
2. Clean up your cover letter. Proofread your cover letter for typos and grammar. A small typo can detract the reader, who is likely the hiring manager, from seeing your strengths and skillset.
3. Include experience or skills that are applicable to jobs in Law. Transferrable skills relevant to any job include customer service, project management and analytical problem solving.
4. Put a “skill summary” or “profile” section on top of the cover letter, and make sure to include keywords from the job description in either of these sections. These sections make your cover letter more readable at a glance.
5. Select verbs that pique interest. Strong verbs like “launched” or “commanded” are more descriptive than the words “worked” or “led. ”

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