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2. Measures to control Traffic Flow

2.1. Area Licensing Scheme (ALS)

This was introduced to manage traffic flow in the Central Business District (CBD)

This scheme ensured that all motorists have to pay to use certain roads in the CBD

These areas were marked as Restricted Zones

Motorists had to buy ALS labels to enter these Restricted Zones

Gantries were set up to monitor traffic flow and ensure motorists have ALS labels

This system was expensive and labour-intensive

However, it succeeded in decreasing the number of vehicles in the CBD during peakhours

2.2. Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)

This system used up-to-date technology to control traffic flow

This enabled the government to stay relevant with the times

Motorists have to pay to use certain roads during peak periods

This allowed peak hour traffic to be successfully controlled

By using technology to monitor and regulate traffic flow, it increased efficiency

ERP later replaced ALS as it was also more cost-effective

2.3. Park-and-Ride Scheme

This was introduced at the same time as ALS to control traffic flow in the CBD

This scheme allowed motorists to park their vehicles at specific car parks outside theCBD

Motorists were then encouraged to use public transport to enter the CBD during peakhours

However, this system was not successful

Motorists used the regular bus services instead

Some even drove into the CBD before the ALS started

Therefore, the government lost a lot of money from the unused car parks

Bus companies hired to shuttle these passengers were also unable to survive

2.4. Vehicle Quota System (VQS)

This scheme was introduced as there was a sharp increase in the number of car owners in the 1990s

The government saw an urgent need to control the car population in Singapore

LTA restricted the number of new motor vehicles allowed for registration

The COE system was introduced to ensure the number of new cars does not exceedthe quota set by LTA

This limits the number of new cars that can be purchased

Car buyers must bid for the COE before purchasing a car 

COE only entitles the motorist to own the car for 10 years

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Analyze Globalization's Impact on Singapore's Development.

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“A developed country is one that allows all its citizens to enjoy a free and healthy life in a safe environment.” These are the wise words of Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations. Thus, there are a set of tangible criteria to help determine the development of a country, of which economic criteria tend to dominate, with indicators such as the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as well as other social and security needs of the people, with the recent Human Development Index (HDI) which measures overall well-being of the people. So, with the recent phenomenon of globalization becoming ever more widespread in our society today, there is no doubt that it has impacts, both positive and negative, on the development of Singapore as…show more content…

This will boost the economy of Singapore as when more companies are willing to invest in Singapore, especially due to our strengths like competitive workforce and strategic location, it will result in greater influx of capital. It will also result in a creation of jobs for the people, boosting employment rate and generating revenue for both the country and the individual. Take for instance, the chip used in the latest PlayStation3 and Xbox. A French semiconductor company, Soitec, is investing $700 million to set up in Singapore its first offshore facility to make the wafer for this chip. The wafers involve alternating layers of silicon and insulator, unlike conventional wafers which use silicon throughout. Soitec is coming here because its technology has to be well-protected, and we are the only country in Asia that they trust well enough to set up their first manufacturing campus outside of France. Thus, positive development is a sure thing with globalization. Furthermore, since in the modern day context, money is a key indicator of happiness, thus, Singapore’s development can be mirrored by the happiness of the people with their monetary needs fulfilled.

However, the development of Singapore’s society cannot be predicated on pure economics alone. Even though globalization has enabled Singapore to fare well in economic development, however, termed the perils of success, globalization has brought about undesirable

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