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Using a strong password helps keep your information secure. Longer passwords are harder to guess. A strong password has a minimum length of eight characters. Some systems require a minimum number of characters (including First National's personal and business Internet banking services).

Create your own strong password

Here are some ways to come up with your own strong password. Use one character from three of the following four character types:

  • Upper case letters - A B C D E F
  • Lower case letters - g h i j k l
  • Numbers - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
  • Special characters - ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( + ) = ~

Passwords SHOULD NOT be:

  • Easily guessed
  • Anyone's name, a place or proper noun
  • A phone, account or Social Security number
  • Related to your job or personal life
  • Found in the dictionary
  • A string of numbers or letters only
  • A pattern such as from the keyboard (asdfg)

Password creation examples

One method for picking a good password is to use your own easily remembered phrase to make an acronym. Then, modify it using the tips above.

For example . . . the phrase: Good passwords are not that hard to choose

Could be: gPanth2c

A better password would use a special symbol instead of a letter in place of one of the words.

Here an exclamation point is used in place of the word "not:" gPa!th2c

Here the symbols<> are used in place of the word "not:" gPa<>th2c

Here's another example, using the phrase: This may be one way to rememberTmB1w2R! or Tmb1W>rNOTE: DO NOT USE ANY OF THESE EXAMPLES AS PASSWORDS!

Bryant Bank providing $3 million gift for UAH nursing scholarship


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Bryant Bank announced on September 15th that it is making a $3 million commitment for nursing scholarships at The University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Bryant Bank’s scholarship commitment is $100,000 annually to Alabama High School graduates for the next 30 years. Ken Watson, president of Bryant Bank of Huntsville, made the announcement during a meeting of the Huntsville Committee of the University of Alabama Board of Trustees. UA Trustees in attendance included Bryant Bank directors Karen Brooks and Paul Bryant, Jr.

“The purpose behind the creation of Bryant Bank is simple: Help families get ahead; assist businesses to grow; and in short, to make our community a better place to live,” said Watson. “Enhancing a quality nursing program is crucial toward improving the quality of life in the greater Huntsville area. The positive impact that nurses have on individuals begins at birth and has meaningful consequences throughout their entire life. Bryant Bank is pleased to be able to support The University of Alabama in Huntsville and its contributions to the region’s nursing and healthcare community.”



The program, called Early Promotion into UAH Nursing Program (EPNP), is a new honors program being offered by UAH’s College of Nursing. Highly qualified students who enter UAH as a freshman declaring nursing as their major and taking all of the lower division nursing coursework on the UAH campus are guaranteed a slot in upper division nursing courses.

This program provides students the opportunity to have enriched freshman and sophomore years in the UAH Honors College in preparation for admittance into upper division nursing coursework, according to Nursing Dean Marsha Adams.

In addition to the nursing scholarship, UAH President Bob Altenkirch cited Watson for his leadership role in establishing the Rise School of Huntsville and advancing its relocation to the UAH campus.

Since Bryant Bank’s first Huntsville branch opened downtown in 2007, the Huntsville Bryant Bankers have been actively involved in the community. Bankers currently serve on the Board of Directors or volunteer at multiple local organizations and Bryant Bank as a whole sponsors several Huntsville community events throughout the year.

Bryant Bank was founded on the belief that Alabama needs a bank that is focused on the needs of Alabamians. It was granted a charter by the State of Alabama Banking Department in June 10, 2005. The company has 14 branches in Alabama including two in Huntsville.

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