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Youth Services

Youth Services

SKIESUnlimited Instructional Program has a range of out of school classes, e.g., piano, martial arts, gymnastics and Korean language and culture are available to your children ages 13 to 18 years. Classes are designed to complement, expand, and support the academic, life skills and athletic experiences children and youth have within Army CYS Services programs and schools. These educational programs are provided by CYS Services employees and contract instructors in a variety of settings.

Short Term Alternative Child Care short term hourly child care for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years of families using/attending Command Sponsored events, such as Strong Bonds, Family Readiness Groups, Memorial Services and Yellow Ribbon Events. This care is provided by CYS Services employees in a variety of on and off post settings which may include Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities, Chapels and Schools. Parents remain on site or are immediately available in an adjacent facility.

Kids At Home offers non-traditional outreach services to support Families with children/youth whose primary care/educational setting is in their own home. Includes imAlone classes for enrolled children (11-18 years) whose parents have determined that they can be home alone during out of school hours and Home School Services, e.g., use of CYS Services tech labs, multipurpose rooms, homework centers and instructional programs for educational purposes during school hours (when facilities are not in use) by children/youth who are home schooled and accompanied by their parents.

Parents On Site/Parent Co-Ops offers support services for ages 6 weeks to 12 years for the operation and management of parent co-ops that exchange babysitting services, infant/toddler playgroups, short term care in unit settings by Family members in one unit or organization for similar services at a future agreed upon time with Family members in another unit or organization. Care is provided by parents with CYS Services staff assistance and operations are subject to DoD certification.

CYSitters/Trained Babysitters offers formal training for teens 13 and older and adults who provide short term hourly child care in Families' own homes. Training covers skills needed to safely and appropriately care for children and includes First Aid and CPR, program activities and the "business" of babysitting. Trained CYSitters receive a certificate of completion and wallet card and may be placed on the CYS Services' babysitter referral list at http://www.sittercity.com.

Operation Military Kids (OMK) is a collaborative outreach effort of Army Child, Youth & School (CYS) Services funded by the Army National Guard and Army Reserve. National partners, such as Army Recruiting command, Army Cadet Command, Military Entrance Processing Stations, 4-H, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Military Child Education Coalition, the American Legion and Child Care Aware of America provide support for geographically dispersed military families where they live. Since inception in 2004, all 50 states and the District of Columbia have joined this effort.

Child Behavior Consultants Military and Family Life Consultants support this program and are professional, licensed and credentialed counselors to support and augment installation Child and Youth Programs (CYP), Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools, local education agencies (LEA), DoDEA/CYP summer programs, National Military Family Association Operation Purple Camps, Guard/Reserve Camps, and Operation Military Kids Camps.

"We've Got You Covered" offers extended hours in designated CYS Services operations to ensure child care is available for enrolled full day children at no additional cost to Soldiers who have mission requirements beyond normal duty hours.

Give-a-Hug Dolls Soft are stuffed "Soldier" dolls with a clear face plate designed to hold a picture of the child's deployed loved one. Comes with a photo dog tag in which the deployed Soldier can carry a photo of his/her child. Available for distribution by Army Units through Operation Military Kids dollrequest@operationmilitarykids.org.

School Age Center

School Age Center is located in the CPT Jennifer Moreno School Age Center (Blgd. 5410). Hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 5:30 - 6:00 p.m., Closed on Federal Holidays.

The School Age Center's mission is to promote the social, physical, emotional and intellectual well being of young children and youth that strengthen families, which support readiness and retention of the soldiers. Develop a program that includes leisure and recreation, sports and fitness, skills and citizenship, mentoring, intervention and support services. Provide child development and youth program options for the Camp Humphreys and Area III community in a safe, fun and healthy environment for children.

Camp Humphreys School Age Services program has a commitment to expand, improve, and integrate recreation and enrichment out of school opportunities for youth in 1st through 5th grade. The program is designed to develop age appropriate, safe, healthy, and supervised leisure and recreational options for our youth.

We Offer:

  • Before and/or after school care for children in grades 1-5
  • Full-time care on teacher in-service days and school out days

  • Hourly care for school age children- 24 hours advance notice is needed for all hourly care reservations

  • Full-day camp sessions during school vacations (Spring Break, Summer, Winter Break)

  • 4-H and Boys and Girls Clubs Of America Clubs- fine arts, photography, technology, cooking, and many more

Middle School/Teen Program

Camp Humphreys Middle School and Teen Program's mission is to support the readiness and well being of families by reducing the conflict between mission requirements and parental responsibilities. .The Youth Center is located at BLDG 570 and Parent Central Services has moved to BLDG 1127, across the street from the Child Development Center. A full range of programs and activities are available including homework assistance, computer lab, arts & crafts, movie nights, mini-lock-ins, field trips and more. The Youth Program offers comprehensive, supervised program options and affordable, quality, predictable services that are easily accessible for eligible youth in grades 6 through 12.

We provide a comprehensive framework consisting of the Four Service Areas. Through formal partnership agreements with nationally-recognized youth-serving organizations, such as United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) 4-H and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), youth have access to programs, standard curricula, special events, camps, scholarships and more. Supervision and programming is provided by trained staff and operations are subject to DoD Certification.

Four Service Areas of Youth Services include Life Skills, Citizenship & Leadership Opportunities; Arts, Recreation & Leisure Activities; Academic Support, Mentoring & Intervention Services and Sports, Fitness & Health Options.

Youth Technology Labs (YTLs) Provides a safe, secure, and age appropriate place where children and youth can engage in technology-based activities and programs; both key to linking youth with their deployed parents and serving as a vital component of CYS Services Home Work Centers and Mobile Tech Labs that support geographically dispersed children and youth.

Venturepoint Offers options on-site in Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (Family and MWR) facilities. 

The HIRED! Apprenticeship Program is a workforce-preparation and apprenticeship enterprise designed to meet the employment and career-exploration needs of Army teens 15-18 years of age. The goal of the HIRED! Apprenticeship Program is to help teens develop the necessary confidence and employer-valued abilities to succeed in today's competitive job market. CYS Services and Family and Morale, Welfare & Recreation (FMWR) Partner Organizations have joined together to prepare teens for these rapidly-changing conditions. The HIRED! Apprenticeship Program provides a community-wide framework to help develop today's youth to become productive members of society.

Middle School and Teen Programs hours of operation are 1:00 - 8:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday and 2:00 - 10:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday.

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