The Benefits of Our Essay Editing Service

The Team. First of all, each essay proofreader and essay editor here is a native English speaker. Secondly, all of them have a university degree. These are the minimal requirements to any applicant who wants to work for us. But, as we want to be the best for you, the minimum is never enough. We search for highly skilled and experienced pros and encourage them to sharpen their skills every day. Different types of papers are assigned to a different specialist based on their area of expertise.

Pricing. We are sure that you don’t need cheap proofreading and editing services, as ‘cheap’ often means ‘of low quality.’ We, on the other hand, provide you with top-notch services, but for very, very reasonable price. If you have always thought that professional editing might cost you a fortune, we will change your attitude once and forever. In addition to the fact that our prices are not high, our pricing policy is very flexible, so our old friends get solid discounts.

Turnaround. The work is assigned to a specialist immediately, so no postponing is possible. Any professional works quickly and effectively, so waiting for the result won’t take you long. You can pick a turnaround date yourself, and the price won’t change.

Force Majeure. If your paper was declined because of LANGUAGE issues only or if you found a mistake in the final version yourself (which is next to impossible), we will re-edit your paper completely out of charge.

Can’t I Proofread My Paper on My Own?

There are still many students who think that browse inquiries like ‘proofread my paper’ or ‘edit my paper’ are only for those who are too lazy to do it themselves. Isn’t it curious that these ‘responsible’ students often get worse grades than they have been expected? You may be surprised, but students rarely ask for our help because they are lazy. In fact, there are 7 main reasons to turn to our team:

Reason #1. You feel that you haven’t done enough.

The sky’s the limit, of course. We all have something to improve. If you want to write as a professional one day, you need to learn from the professionals. Besides, your grades will get higher. Our editors are always there to help you.

Reason #2. You work as hard as you can on your essays, but keep getting C’s.

Many of students get frustrated with a B mark. It is not always perfectionism. You just want to be rewarded for the job you’ve done. Maybe, you keep missing commas. Or maybe you just don’t get how to convey your idea the right way. One way or another, you need both a paper proofreader and a paper editor to help you understand what you do wrong.

Reason #3. You are too tired to edit or proofread your paper.

Let’s presume your assignments have made you totally exhausted and now you’ve got an essay to write. You put yourself together and wrote the essay. The research was hard and time-consuming. You can’t focus on your paper anymore and don’t understand a word you’ve written. Our team of professional editors is there to the rescue! Our experience allows us to convert any unstructured text into a proper essay.

Reason #4. You have no time to proofread your paper.

As it has been said, we work quickly so you won’t need to wait for your proofread paper for too long. While we are checking it, you can work on the other assignments or anything else you want. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone – save time and get more than one assignment done.

Reason #5. You are an ESL student.

It is tremendously difficult to study in the other country far from home. You have to learn all the material in English. Moreover, you have to understand it, even when a lot of native-speaking students do not. Besides, the essays you write have to be at least the same level as those written by native students. We understand and admire your desire to get good grades. That is why working with ESL students is one of our main priorities. In this case, our editors and proofreaders will not just look for misconceptions, mistakes, and typos in your essay. We will pay extra attention to the language structures that are characteristic to your mother tongue and not characteristic of the English language, as well as a translator’s false friends.

Reason #6. You have difficulties with citation and formats.

It only seems that if you turn to a website explaining all the MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, and other formats peculiarities and citation styles, you will understand them right away. A student who has never faced a format before lacks experience, which is much harder to obtain than knowledge. So, don’t expect your papers to be perfect. Do you still need all the points now, because your grade is very important? That is the time to turn to our essay editing service. We can format any paper according to the rules!

Reason #7. You want to improve your paper regardless of your previous grades.

Why wouldn’t you? This is your work and to have a complete right to want it to be perfect. After all, even professional writers turn to professional editors. If you want to be #1 student, we can help you, too!

We Are Not Writing for You – We Are Writing Together

We have a strict ethics policy here. We have no right for writing anything on behalf of a student. The only case we are involved in is editing and correcting the mistakes. If you are one of the students who are afraid of turning to an essay proofreading service because it contradicts the regulations of their college or university – you can leave all the doubts behind. We are only assistants, so you can freely turn to us.

Every essay checker on the Web is boasting about their professionalism. Some of them are just ‘cheap,’ others are fake. There is a limited number of top companies you can really trust. This company is definitely one of them. If you still hesitate, read the feedback left by our clients. We are proud of every paper we have perfected, and the reviews can prove it.

If you are not sure about your skills and you keep searching for ‘rate my paper’ results – our team is the one to help you!

If you think you have mistakes to be corrected – we are here for you!

If you want your paper to be edited – turn to us right now!

Get Professional Essay Proofreading Services Online

Grammar errors can derail your chances of furthering your education or getting the training you want. Whether you’re submitting a personal essay along with your application for graduate school or sending one with your university application, that essay can be a major deciding factor on whether you get in or not.
‘Who’s going to proofread my essay?’ No worries. You won’t have to think long and hard about where to go for help. At NerdPro, we offer professional proofreading services to help you.

Ease and Convenience

Editing and proofreading take time. And the thought of asking people to set aside their own time to tend to your work might not sit well with you. After all, it’s time that takes them away from their own work or business. By hiring pros, you won’t have to suffer through these misgivings. You can have someone proofread your work with zero worries that you’re imposing on their time and energies.

Expertise and Training

Our team of Essay Proofreaders are made up of highly skilled trained professionals who have experience and talent gained by many, many years spent in the field. They know editing inside and out, from the latest usage updates on certain words to the right format to knowing which word goes with what audience. With our help, you won’t have to worry about submitting an essay with a missing word, phrase or misplaced modifier. Our essay proofreading service will have you covered.

Turnaround Times and Results

We can accommodate rush requests for assistance. If you need an essay proofreader and you need one now, we have a team of professionals who can help. Just make that call and we’ll take care of the rest for you. With our essay proofreader service, you won’t have to lose sleep, thinking you’ll miss that deadline and must now go through the process of re-applying for graduate school again in the next school year or term. At NerdPro, an experienced essay proofreader will always be available to offer you help and assistance for on-time results.

Help and Assistance

With our professional proofreading services, you won’t have to wonder ‘Who’s going to proofread my essay?’ anymore. You can come to us at any time you need to have an essay or paper proofread. We’ll make sure you get your paper back with zero grammar mistakes that could hurt your chances of getting into the program you want or pursuing the graduate course you’ve set your mind on. Let us know.

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